I'm the Star of HP's Latest Banner Ad!

As I was looking at who was looking at my profile on LinkedIn, Doubleclick was “looking” at me and serving up a very personalized ad. The ad was about me and my network of trusted professionals. It even included my LinkedIn profile picture rising off of their latest printer.

Chris Rainey stars in latest HP Banner Ad

Chris Rainey stars in latest HP Banner Ad

Personalized targeting and re-targeting are continuing to gain ground. More companies are targeting consumers based on their online behavior. 24% of online marketers used behavioral targeting in 2009, up 50% from a year earlier, according to a Forrester Research Inc. poll.

I recently purchased a Droid X and I’m beginning to see some personalized targeting efforts within some of the games and apps I’ve downloaded.

So, will this cause banner ads to increase in their importance for marketing folk? Will the end consumer/target find them “creepy”? Will the be perceived as a violation of privacy?