Sandwich Boards and Social Media

In my hometown of Kernersville, NC old school marketing has collided with social media and is putting a local business on the map.

Part one – The man is Kenny (seen in the photo), his method – dancing with a sign on oneKenny_Vault of the busiest corners in town. Kenny's employer, The Vault, found him dancing on a corner in a nearby city several months ago and offered him a part-time gig. Kenny proved to be a huge traffic driver with 1 in 3 customers coming through the doors saying they  came in after seeing Kenny bustin' his moves on the corner. Needless to say Kenny is now a full-time employ of The Vault.

Part two is what all marketers love – the tribe rallying and spreading the word. Shortly after Kenny started dancing at the corner of Main St. and the on ramp to I-40 a passerby snapped a photo – drove home and started "the guy dancing outside of The Vault in Kernersville" fan page on Facebook. In less than two weeks the page grew to over 3000 fans and today is just under 4000.

This is a great example of how one of the oldest marketing methods is still viable and attracts so much attention that people can't help but spread the word through new marketing channels like Facebook.

What do you think? Have you found successful ways of integrating old and new methods?