15 Point Checklist for Ads – Part 1

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I came across this great checklist for ads. If I do locate the origin I will make sure to post the link. Obviously there are more than 15 “points” for making sure the ad you are creating is effective but I thought this list was a great reminder and one I have posted on the board above my desk. So, here are the first 7 Points

1. Does it follow the “5 Second Rule”?

2. Does the headline make them read the rest of the ad?

3. Does it have an interest-arousing sub-head?

4. Make sure the first line of the body copy doesn’t sell anything, either.

5. Is your offer clear?

6. Does you ad make them want to buy your product?

7. Does it make the reader want to rush to the phone or go online to place an order or ask for more information?

Look for Part 2 tomorrow.