Life Story

Chris Brogan issued a challenge over the weekend: post a blog regarding the importance of "story" in our lives.  The challenge comes on the heels of Chris reading Don Miller's new book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned Whiled Editing My Life".

So, does story matter? Does OUR story matter?

From the parables of Jesus to bedtime stories, from old wives tales to urban legends,  stories make up our lives. Stories convey truth, address eternal issues, stir emotion – each day of our life, our story is being written.

What I've come to realize throughout my life is that each and every person has a story and it's worth hearing. So many people think that if they don't have a rags to riches story or how they overcame a drug addiction or how they survived a near death experience they don't have a story. But that is wrong thinking – each of us need to embrace life – the good, the bad and even the indifferent parts and live the story that we were created to live.

Some of the greatest memories I have are from the past twenty one years of tucking my kids into bed and telling them about my childhood. My kids have heard those stories so much they can recite them back, but they love hearing them over and over again. And each day my kids are writing their own story that they will share with their family.

Stories are the fabric of life and society – write yours, live yours – every day.