Success Is Found When You Are Being YOU!

being who you are is your competitive advantage

Who Are YOU?

Earlier this week I was listening to Andy Frisella’s latest podcast and he made this quote, “Being who you are is your competitive advantage”. It’s funny, actually sad, that when you were young your number one goal was to fit in, to make friends by doing the “cool” things, to do whatever it took to blend in and be accepted into whatever crowd you had your sights on.

Identity Crisis

Instead of growing up secure in your own identity and confident with your own personality you grew up and, in many cases, are still trying to figure out “WHO” you are. Let me encourage you today – throw off the mindset of trying to be who “THEY” think you should be and be who YOU are. In the end YOU will be noticed, accepted and find your place of success and fulfillment because you are being you and that IS YOUR competitive advantage.

Take A Chance On Yourself

When you make the decision to cooperate with your strengths and personality you will find success. When you stop trying to fit into someone else’s perception of you, you will find success. When you stop trying to cram a square peg (YOU) into a round hole (NOT YOUR STRENGTH) and focus on what you do well you’ll stop living in anxiety and fear and start living in your own success.