Are You Building The Future You Want To Live In?

There are times when a song comes on the radio or a scene in a movie captures your thoughts and draws you in. Sometimes it’s the words on a page that cause you stop in your tracks. Those words compel you to contemplate and think; to think about the past, present, and future. When I read this quote, “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims” it did all of those things.

To architect a future where you are the victor and not the victim takes work and specific actions.

The Battle in Your Head

The first step to architecting a better future starts with your mindset. The biggest challenge and battle you will always face sits squarely between your ears. It’s been said where the mind goes the body follows. What you believe and focus on is usually what you get.

Your number one priority now and forever must be putting things into your mind that cause you to believe for a better future, whatever that looks like for you. Listening to podcasts, reading books and surrounding yourself with people that fill your mind with belief that you will succeed is critical


Once you have the right mindset you still have choices. You still must make the right decisions and act in a way that is line with your mindset.

Grit, Determination, Perseverance

At the end of the day architecting your future takes hard work. It’s a daily fight and struggle, granted, some days the fight and struggle is easier but rest assured it’s always there. There are no shortcuts or silver bullets.

Taking responsibility for your past, present and future is the only way to overcome and not become a victim. Develop grit, stay determined and persevere – fight for your future!