Don't Talk Like a Robot to Your Customer

Earlier this evening I was reviewing my file of saved quotes and came across this one from Andy Wibbels. He said, "Show your passion for helping your customers solve problems – and talk to them like you talk to your friends. A real, enthusiastic, human voice is every small business's edge"

This is a great reminder from Andy. With so many different things competing for our time and energy, it's easy to become robotic in our responses to our customers. Keep your human voice strong and your business edge sharp.

What is one thing you do to maintain your enthusiasm for what you do?


  1. Rusty Dycus says:

    I often find that Robotic type speak is found in individuals who truely have forgot the purpose of their work. Our work is mostly centered around helping others… in some way shape or form… we are serving other people.
    With this said… enthusiasm (Or passion) can easily be found with people who know what their purpose in life is all about. They have found it easy to keep focused on communicating in a fashion that has high impact.
    One tip that works wonders – when you are speaking to an individual… stop everything else you are doing, thinking, typing, reading, etc… and focus 100% of your effort on your conversation. If you find it hard at this point to maintain enthusiasm then check your heart and profession.
    Rusty Dycus
    VP of Sales

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