Lessons from a six year old turkey sandwich chef

At lunch today my six year old wanted to make his own turkey sandwich. So…he toasted the bread – then placed about a tablespoon of mayo in the center of one piece of bread and proceeded to spread it in the middle but not quite to the edges. He then carefully placed his slice of turkey and muenster cheese on top of the mayo and completed his piece of culinary artwork by placing the remaining piece of bread on top.


1. He wanted to do it by himself and not have his dad micro-manage the process. EMPOWER.

2. He wanted to do it by himself so he could tell others he DID IT by himself. RECOGNITION.

3. After he finished spreading the mayo I helped him get it to the 'edges' by holding the knife at a different angle. He said, "Oh, I was holding it this way but holding it your way finished the job". He was open to receiving instruction and doing things another way. TEACHABILITY

Now excuse me, I'm off to to see the chef for my own turkey sandwich!