Joy in Giving

Today my oldest and one and only daughter turns 20 (that’s another blog). A couple of hours ago my six year old came down to my office to ask if he could give her a card that he had made for her. I told him yes and he became extremely excited and run fill tilt go get his card to give his big sister. The ultimate joy for him was in giving.

What are the little things we can do or ‘give’ to others? I’m just finishing reading How Full Is Your Bucket which is all about giving – giving encouragement and building up others.

Take time to give today – give an extra mile to a customer, a peer, your boss or maybe a complete stranger.


  1. Our 8 year old came to us the other night telling us that she wanted to give $20 that she had gotten as a goft at Christmas to the people in Haiti. Her rationale was something like this:
    If I get something witht he $20, it will be one of a lot of things that I have and the people in Haiti have lost everything. Just having one thing would mean a lot to them. I know if we were in an earthquake, I’d want someone to helpme because I wouldn’t have anything.
    The other day she gae a toy that she really liked, but didn’t play with much to a little girl that we were taking care of for the weekend. It was totally unpromptted by us. We were just prud that she was even sharing her toys. She teared up while telling her mom about it, but concluded that she felt it was the right thing to do.
    For me, there’s definitely a joy in giving, but perhaps even a greater joy to see that my children don’t hold onto “things” so tightly that it keeps them from giving to others too.

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